[Starlingx-discuss] CentOS 7.5 upgrade discussion

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Thu Aug 9 18:36:41 UTC 2018

See below....

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On 08/09/2018 08:17 AM, Penney, Don wrote:
> I think we can safely drop the "vim" modification. It has a long 
> history back to where we were inheriting code customizations from 
> another layer, which was providing its own customized vimrc that had 
> features enabled that were frustrating.
Yeah, +1 to that, thanks for the confirmation!

[brucej] Remember the process here is to create a SB Story for the changes needed to the code and the build to remove the patch, and put the link to the story in the spreadsheet.  The distro.not-openstack team should do that.

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> Brent, Saul, Shuicheng,
> Let's initiate the discussion about how we'd like to handle CentOS 7.5 
> upgrade, we have a master xls sheet online for all non-openStack 
> patches analysis (@Saul, I only have Google doc link but not accessible by WR).
We should be able to provide a link to anyone that has a gmail account, I think (Bruce is that correct?)

[brucej] Documents like this that are within the Intel Enterprise Google drive can be shared with anyone who has a gmail address.

> And here is the SRPM files we've already looked into, and believe they 
> need upgrade. I put some columns in to fill-in more data (Shuicheng 
> should have most of the data available). We can start from here.
Can we please merge this into the existing master spreadsheet.  We are 
going to continue to winnow down the list of patches and configuration 
from there.

[brucej] +1!


> Thx. - cindy
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