[Starlingx-discuss] [Release] Sub-Project wiki pages are updated

Jones, Bruce E bruce.e.jones at intel.com
Mon Aug 13 18:36:16 UTC 2018

Ghada, thank you for doing this!

I've re-arranged the content of this part of the wiki a bit to try to make it use less pixels.

Meanwhile I'd like to amplify Ghada's request for the team's to tag the stories they would like to see included in the October release with stx.2018.10.

One thing to consider for the teams is holding their own project calls.  I've started one for the Docs team with the help of Ildiko and I think she'd be willing to do the same for other teams.


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Hello all,
I've updated all the sub-project wiki pages and linked them to the main wiki.

As suggested by Bruce, each page now lists the contributors to the sub-project (I put a link to each page in ethercalc). I also added the core reviewers to help everyone add the right people to their gerrit reviews.

Each page also has a number of story board links for applicable stories. These are based on the tags defined here:
Note: I have tagged some of the existing stories, but I didn't have time to go thru the whole backlog. I encourage authors of stories to tag them upon creation if they know the right sub-project.

Each sub-project team can customize their page as they see fit. I also encourage each team to tag the stories they are targeting for the October release with stx.2018.10. This will give us good data to pull the release plan.
As a reference point, there are 182 active stories; only 40 are tagged for the October release as of now.

Just a reminder, tags must be added one at a time. (stx.bug stx.config -> Add >> results in a new tag "stx.bug stx.config" being added, not two individual tags)


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