[Starlingx-discuss] breaking .lst files apart among repos

McKenna, Jason Jason.McKenna at windriver.com
Wed Aug 22 14:47:54 UTC 2018

Hi folks (especially Erich, Scott, Marcela, or anyone else working on the download tools),

We'd like to support per-repo .lst files used by download_mirrors.sh.  This would decouple the stx-tools repo from all the code repos.  Changes (for example, to uprev a package) would only affect a single repo rather than both the code repo and stx-tools.  This would also allow individual entities to integrate their own repos into products, or to pick-and-choose versions of the different repos to build into products.  My initial work would just be to support per-repo .lst files as an option, with actually breaking the existing .lst files up among the repos as a later task.  My initial thoughts would be that .src.rpms would be in per-repo lst files.  Build-time and run time requirement binary rpms are tougher to nail down, as they might be used by different repos, and we don't want one repo asking for one version, and a second repo asking for a different version, etc.

Before I start working too deep on this, does anyone have any thoughts, or work in progress along these lines?


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