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Lara, Cesar cesar.lara at intel.com
Thu Aug 30 19:34:14 UTC 2018

So is there anything that you need us to test? Are you modifying the scripts? Can you point us to these changes?

I want to make sure we are tracking these changes in storyboard, shall I go ahead and create those stories?

Cesar Lara

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Yes, Build tool changes are required.

1) We must now trigger rebuilds based on changed checksum, rather than time stamps.  The timestamps are not reliable when copying files between different build environments.

2) build-pkgs must capture the git context of the build

3) 'build-pkgs --avoidance' is requested. It must now compare the state of your git tree vs the available reference builds, and download the correct one if available.

I have these changes under test now.

I will be posting reviews in the next few days.


On 18-08-29 07:03 PM, Arce Moreno, Abraham wrote:
> Thanks Scott!
>> Build Avoidance, a build tool improvement.
>>     Greatly reduce build times after a repo sync for designers 
>> working within a regional office.  For a new workspace, build-pkgs 
>> typically requires 3+ hours, build avoidance typically reduces this step to ~20min.
>> Method (in brief):
>> 1) Reference builds
> Regional Office could be the results of 2 components:
> - Reference Mirror
>    - As designer, I do not want to download packages but compile
>    - This is already enabled [0] by Jason and team
>    - It is being implemented at our office in Mexico, we will send our 
> findings
> - Reference Build
>    - Described here
>> 2) Designers
>>     - build-pkgs --build-avoidance   ... will request a build avoidance build.
>>     - Additional arguments, and/or environment variables, and/or a 
>> config file unique to the regional office, are used to specify a URL 
>> to the reference builds.
> Do we need changes at the Build System level? We will run a proof of 
> concept here just let us know how to get started.
>>     - build-pkgs will:
>>       = From newest to oldest, scan the CONTEXTs of the various 
>> reference builds.  Select the first (most recent) context which 
>> satisfies:  For every git, the SHA specified in the CONTEXT is present.
>>       = The selected context might be slightly out of date, but not 
>> by more than a day (assuming daily reference builds).
>>       = If the context has not been previously downloaded, then 
>> download it now.  Meaning download select portions of the reference 
>> build workspace into the designer's workspace.  This includes all the 
>> SRPMS, RPMS, MD5SUMS, and misc supporting files.  (~10 min over 
>> office LAN)
> Can it take a look at our Reference Mirror?
> [0] https://review.openstack.org/590781

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