[Starlingx-discuss] Project weekly call minutes 7/18/18

Jones, Bruce E bruce.e.jones at intel.com
Thu Jul 19 16:36:31 UTC 2018

Notes for the 7/18/18 Meeting
These can also be found at: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-status
Recording: https://zoom.us/recording/share/uThwWwqzr_FABVy_8kBRpHVy2SXMKiFWoqqoINZr1e2wIumekTziMw

  *   Branch created?  Erick to send script to Dean for review. Build status?  Build was completed but some docker/K8s issues needed to be added manually, plus several patches in review needed to be applied.  WR has never been able to get a build to work.  Erich to post the patches externally along with new bugs he just made.  WR has found some gaps in the Getting Started guide.

  *   Use of Storyboard for planning
o    Etherpad / Ethercalc - benefits & limitations - perhaps replacing these with google drive
o    Bruce's experiments with Boards
o    Ghada's [TAGS] and queries
o    We can invest in Storyboard development, we can invest in building our own apps using the API.  We've been coming off of Jira and the comparison is not positive.  The Foundation has a strong preference for open source tools.
o    Bruce and Ghada to meet and 1) brainstorm on how to best use SB and 2) get feedback from the team on how to improve the tool to provide input to the SB team
o    Can we separate bug tracking and feature tracking, e.g. spin up a bugzilla?
o    Bruce and Ghada to meet and discuss how to move this forward, jointly with Kendal and Ildiko

  *   Update on build issues and documentation (Brent)

  *   Repo restructuring proposal - feedback, impact on the team - most of the impact lands on WR who will manage this and post the ETA to the mailing list

  *   Review ARs / status from the previous meetings
o    IRC channel logging code review in progress
o    Bruce to post starlingx intro slidedeck to wiki
o    Kernel upgrade is complete.  Intel's ability to deeply test starlingx is limited.  Can WR help test?

  *   Plan for stx-staging repos (Brent) to be discussed at our (internal) sync meeting later today.

  *   Continuous build and integration testing - Dariush

  *   Long term we want to add Zuul test cases for API and unit testing to the check and gate queues.  In progress.
o    Nightly builds were being run but have paused due to build debugging
o    Mirror checking scripts are being run daily
o    Investigating adding unit tests to the C/C++ code
o    There is no current way to run tests on real hardware in the community, only in our internal labs.  What testing services to do we want to provide, what are the hardware configuration requirements.  AR Bruce add to the PTG agenda.

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