[Starlingx-discuss] build-pkgs: package built failed , mock package missing

Arce Moreno, Abraham abraham.arce.moreno at intel.com
Fri Jun 29 14:17:00 UTC 2018

This is the result of a daily build exercise from zero as part of our StarlingX/Developer Guide creation:

One of the things to debug failures during build-pkgs is to find out the failed packages, 
a "fail" file is created under each package directory:

    $ find $MY_WORKSPACE/std/results/ -name fail

Now we choose one packages from our failing list e.g. .../shim-signed-12-1.tis.2/fail

We want to verify the specific build failure for that package but its build.log shows only the Mock Version:

    $ cat $MY_WORKSPACE/std/results/aarcemor-starlingx-tis-r5-pike-std/build-info-1.0-3.tis/build.log
    Mock Version: 1.3.4

build-srpm-parallel was successful, we are in build-rpms-parallel stage. One error is common to all packages:

    13:37:39 ERROR: Could not find useradd in chroot, maybe the install failed?

And this is reflected also as our exit error when we try to enter the mock shell:

    $ mock -r $MY_BUILD_CFG --shell
    Installed: ...
    Dependency Installed: ...
    Finish: yum install
    ERROR: Could not find useradd in chroot, maybe the install failed?

Then we look for that package, and it is part of shadow-utils

    $ sudo yum whatprovides \*useradd
    $ sudo yum install shadow-utils

We look at the content from our mock configuration, the shadow-utils is there:

    $ echo $MY_BUILD_CFG
    $ vi $MY_BUILD_CFG
    config_opts['yum_install_command'] = 'install yum yum-utils shadow-utils distribution-gpg-keys'

Looking more into the mock environment, we see no content under /var/lib/mock/.
Any help is highly appreciated to debug further.

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