[Starlingx-discuss] [ Test ] Meeting notes - 1/8/2019

Cabrales, Ada ada.cabrales at intel.com
Tue Jan 8 19:33:29 UTC 2019

Agenda for 1/8/2019
Attendees: Abraham, Cristopher, Fernando, JC, Numan, Jose, JP, Elio, Bruce, Ada, Richo
* To-do list for 2019 - Ada 
   + Ada to provide structure to present this into the community meeting
      Coming from TSC
         - Performance testing
         - Stress and stability testing
         - Reduce test cycle time
         - Testing as a Service
         - Zuul unit test for the Flock
         - Increase unit test coverage for flock
         - Zuul API tests for the Flock
         - DevStack enablement
         - Zuul CLI tests for the Flock
      Coming from Ada
         - Code out
         - Lab setup
         - Automated lab deployment
         - Sanity on Bare metal
         - SDL
         - User documentation
         - Zuul enablement
         - Containers testing
         - Stein rebase - tests analysis 
         - Test automation
         - Dashboard for ISO daily status
         - Lab as a 3rd party CI
         - Grow debug capabilities
         - Manual regression
         - Security testing for containers
 * Test repo - Numan
      2004674: [Test] stx - Creation of Test Artifacts Repository - https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2004674
      - Repo has been requested - ask for finishing this to Dean - Ada (1/8/2019)
      - Process has to be defined for code submissions
      - Need an owner
  * Dashboard - Numan
      2004671: [Test] stx - Creation of Test Dashboard - https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2004671
      - include 2 weeks history on Sanity
      - Automated regression - have some weeks
      - manual regression - have current one and the previous
      - Proposal - http://reportportal.io/ - estimation is this will take 3-4 working weeks for having it running
      - more time will be required for adjusting the reports we have currently
      - we need a place to host the portal - maybe CENGN? 
      - Check the resource availability - Numan and Ada

   * Regression test plan - Numan 
      2004672: [Test] stx - Creating Regression Test Suite for stx.2019.05 Release - https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2004672

   * Meeting next week conflicting with the meetup 
      Let's use the zoom slot for the community meeting on Tuesday.
      Try to attend the meetings

   * Opens
      - Fernando - an email with questions regarding security was sent during the Holidays, asking help for Numan - WIP
         signed patches - infrastructure is required for signing them. Numan checking this topic also with Ken.
         different patches are created for testing, we need to create a infra similar to what Wind River has
         This is tied to build process.
      - Numan - Ken looking for the public driver keys, so we can store the sanity logs on that. Cristopher to contact Ken. 
      - Bruce - are the testing team ready for discussion next week? Ada and Numan working on that, to get together by end of this week


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