[Starlingx-discuss] Notes: Weekly StarlingX non-OpenStack Distro meeting, 1/9

Xie, Cindy cindy.xie at intel.com
Wed Jan 9 14:43:02 UTC 2019

Agenda for 1/9 meetings:
    1. CentOS 7.6 upgrade status (Shuicheng/Martin)
        1.1 Kernel & out of tree kernel driver upgrade status:
            Patch is ready for review. Need deploy test before code merge. 10 modules upgraded: i40e/i40evf/ixgbe/ixgbevf/tpm/integrity/mellanox series/openswitch.
            For mellanox adapter support: driver itself is upgraded, but mellanox support in DPDK is disabled. And openvswitch/DPDK upgrade is postponed to wait openvswitch new release. Agreed with network team, longer term plan is going to re-enable Mallanox driver support in DPDK 18.11 when OpenVSwitch latest version support 18.11 DPDK. AR: Shuicheng to create a story to track the Mallanox driver re-enable work in DPDK.
        1.2 srpm & rpm upgrade status:
            Total 49 srpm: 17 merged. 10 under review. 5 abandoned (3 due to srpm on longer used 2 replaced by RPM; 1 no-longer needed;  1 due to higher version package is from fedora repo.) Issue w/ Puppet-RabbitMQ, will not upgraded.
            17 srpm still under work. 15 of them are openstack puppet related, need be upgraded and verified together. AR: Shuicheng to send the list of Puppet related SRPM for OpenStack; it's very likely that those OpenStack related puppet sRPM will not require upgrade due to the containerization work is going on, and they are not required. Story created: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2004743
            rpm upgrade is on-going.
    2. Ceph upgrade status (Vivian/Changcheng)
    Ceph REST API has been removed from src. Two controllers can be un-locked now. Scripts have been writen to enable Ceph-mgr RESTFUl plug-in. One bug has been fixed and patch submitted to upstream Ceph community. 
    Upgrade to Ceph itself to 13.2.2 has been done; work is more related to the other component which interact w/ Ceph. Puppet module and service-mgr Python-ceph-client needs to be updated to adapt to the new Ceph; Effort estimation not available, no idea for whatelse needs to be updated to adapt it.
    Frank: These 3 components shall be updated due to the removed REST API. Documentation available? Ovidiu is trying to help but the team still tight w/ other commitment; trainings have been setup. AR: Frank/Ovidiu to send invitation to Cindy as well so that Cindy can see if there is somebody else can join and help Changcheng.
    Goal for Ceph upgrade: the new Ceph 13.2.2 shall be up and running with StarlingX. Need to get this done earlier.
    3. Python2to3 status, flocks and OS packages (Austin)
    stx-config: last task to enable python3.5 unit testing WiP;
    stx-integ: Python related patches need to be reviewed, will start after stx-config unit testing.
    stx-distcloud: just uploaded the patches and under code review now.
    stx-NFV: Ran is still working on this; right now, her resource is occupied w/ 7.6 upgrade; will shift to this task probably next week;
    stx-distcloudclient: was assigned to Victor. 
    other upstream RPMs Python3 transition status analysis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1808073. AR: Cindy to bring up to StarlingX planning meetup next week so that we can have goal setting for how to address them.
    Goal: set target for this release; Need to do some what regarding upstream components. 
    4. Opens (all)

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