[Starlingx-discuss] [stx-config]: Data Interface Configuration Required for Data Networks (aka Provider Networks)

Kung, John John.Kung at windriver.com
Fri Jan 25 18:54:19 UTC 2019

Please note that an additional configuration step is required for the configuration of data interfaces with the introduction of
https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2004455  "Move neutron provider network modelling to system configuration"

Notably, the following system command Is required prior sysinv to referencing the datanetwork (formerly known as ' providernetwork'):

system datanetwork-add

In the following example,  The datanetwork-add needs to be done prior to assigning the datanetwork (PHYSNET0) to the interface:

# configure the datanetworks in sysinv, prior to referencing it in the system host-if-modify/host-if-add command
system datanetwork-add ${PHYSNET0} vlan
system host-if-modify -m 1500 -n data0 -d ${PHYSNET0} -c data ${COMPUTE} ${DATA0IFUUID}

*         The system host-if-modify  '-p' flag will still work but is being deprecated in favor of '-d' for datanetwork

*         If the datanetwork-add step is skipped, the following Client exception will be raised:  "DataNetwork physnet0 could not be found.")



This is in preparation for upstream neutron which is not planned to support providernetwork host interface-physical data network binding.

Note also Horizon stx-gui Data Networks panels are under development and now refers to provisioning of data networks in sysinv; and not providernetworks in neutron.

See summary of other datanetwork commands in the story reference and associated Gerrit reviews.

[wrsroot at controller-0 ~(keystone_admin)]$ system help datanetwork-add
usage: system datanetwork-add [-d <description>] [-m <mtu>] [-p <port_num>]
                              [-g <multicast_group>] [-t <ttl>] [-M <mode>]
                              <datanetwork_name> <network_type>

Add a datanetwork.

Positional arguments:
  <datanetwork_name>    Name of the datanetwork [REQUIRED]
  <network_type>        Type of the datanetwork [REQUIRED]

Optional arguments:
  -d <description>, --description <description>
                        User description of the datanetwork
  -m <mtu>, --mtu <mtu>
                        MTU of the datanetwork
  -p <port_num>, --port_num <port_num>
                        port_num of the datanetwork
  -g <multicast_group>, --multicast_group <multicast_group>
                        multicast_group of the datanetwork
  -t <ttl>, --ttl <ttl>
                        time-to-live of the datanetwork
  -M <mode>, --mode <mode>
                        mode of the datanetwork

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