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Hi Newman

Some comments inline


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Hi Ada and Christopher,

After investigating existing openstack test projects, I think we should have:
* separate repo for test cases that are independent from each other. Since they require different instructions for almost everything (install, usage, rules, etc.)
* one repo for one auto project. Subrepos are not recommended due to complicity involved in updating common libraries(keywords, fixtures, etc.) and their usages(test cases).

I think having 3 different repositories can become hard to maintain, also could be confusing for people who is contributing to the project.

Maybe we can consolidate all in one repo divided by directories , below an example:
-> stx-test
     - manual-tests
     - automated-tests
         - robot-suite
           - pytets-suite

Thus I suggest 3 different repositories:
- repo for manual test cases
- Is this section going to have actual scripts or just Test Specifications (preconditions, steps and expected result) in a plain text?
- repo for robot test cases
- repo for pytest test cases

Inside automated test repository, I would suggest the following structure:

tox.ini                        # pep8, py27, etc
requirements.txt               # project package requirements
consts/...                      # directory for various constants modules
keywords/...                     # directory for helper modules
testfixtures/                  # directory for commonly used test fixtures modules
testcases/cli/mtc/...            # directory for mtc test cases that is mainly using cli
testcases/rest/...               # directory for restAPI test cases
testcases/horizon/...            # directory for horizon test cases
testcases/system_test/...        # directory for complex system test scenarios

Agree with this structure inside of the automated test suites.


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