[Starlingx-discuss] [Multi-OS ] Minutes 6/24/19

Rosales Jimenez, Marcela A marcela.a.rosales.jimenez at intel.com
Mon Jun 24 14:32:25 UTC 2019

Hi team, here are my notes about today’s mutios meeting

Multi-OS team meeting

Summary of the meeting: 6/24/19

  *   Opens
     *   Saul has pending reviews for openSUSE specfiles
  *   openSUSE flock services packaging update
     *   Progress is 46 out of 59 planned packages for this first stage.
     *   When installing openSUSE packages, 10 packages couldn’t install correctly because their runtime dependencies packages names are different from CentOS. 9 are fixed in StarlingX OBS, 1 is still pending.
  *   If it is found a missing dependency, it is encouraged to add it to CentOS specfile too, however it is required to build an image and do an installation for testing before sending the review to official repositories.


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