[Starlingx-discuss] Configuration of internet access of a VM

Shashi, YatindraX yatindrax.shashi at intel.com
Wed Mar 13 11:14:36 UTC 2019

Hi Marcel,

I tried once using same method of the Openstack where we create on public network (external NW- Flat type) and attach a VM to it. (https://docs.openstack.org/liberty/install-guide-rdo/launch-instance-networks-public.html)
And I was able to access public network.

I have also used a router when I have VM attached to the private network. In the router I have added the external gateway of the external Network.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, with best regards,
Yatindra Shashi

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I want to setup an internet access of one of my VM (simplex config).
I am a little bit puzzled what kind of networks and routes do I need to configure.

Can someone point me to some documentation how this is intended to work?



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