[Starlingx-discuss] Agenda: Weekly StarlingX non-OpenStack distro meeting, 1/8/2020

Sun, Austin austin.sun at intel.com
Wed Jan 8 01:34:33 UTC 2020

Hi Frank:
    Thanks your suggestion . 
    Kata container and Ceph containerization topic feature were initialized and be tracking on non-openstack distro meeting since end of Jun last year. 
    it is most for integration work for kata container , so it was being track in non-openstack distro meeting. 
    It is welcome container expert joining non-openstack distro meeting. 
    For your suggestion about Tingjie attending containerization meeting , I'm fine with it personally , it mostly depends on Tingjie's plan and schedule.

Austin Sun. 

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Hi Austin - happy new year :)

I suggest the kata containers topic be moved to the containers meeting (next meeting planned for Jan 14).  

I'm on the fence about which meeting should cover ceph containerization - it overlaps with both the non-openstack mandate due to this being ceph but also with the containerization mandate.  There are more containers SMEs at the containerization meeting so I would suggest Tingie attend the containerization meeting as well as the non-Openstack meeting.  Does that work?


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Agenda: Weekly StarlingX non-OpenStack distro meeting, 1/8/2020

Hi All:
    Happy New Year.  

Agenda for 1/8 meeting:
     * stx.4.0 feature
         - Ceph Containerization (Tingjie/Martin) 
         - Standardize Flock Package Versioning (JITStack-Daniels) 
         - Kata Container (Shuicheng) 
         - CentOS 8.0 upgrade planning (Shuai Zhao) 
            container builder and iso status :
            openstack rpm from centos8 ???
            rt kernel rpm package from centos8 ???
     * CVE issue tracking  (Shuicheng)
     * Open

Update the agenda if other topic to be discussed :

Austin Sun. 

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