[Starlingx-discuss] [ Test ] meeting notes - 01/07/2020

Cabrales, Ada ada.cabrales at intel.com
Wed Jan 8 16:51:35 UTC 2020

Agenda for 01/7/2020
Attendees: JoseP, Elio, Ada, Cristopher, JC, Maria P, Jessica, Fernando, Yang
1. Sanity Status:
     - Cristopher : close to EOY something broke the build system, but it's fixed now. Nothing remarkable to report.
     OpenStack is in bad state after controller forced reboot - https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1855474
2. Upcoming Activities
stx.4.0 - proposed dates
   MS1 - 1/24
   MS2  (specs proposal) - 3/27
   MS3 (feature development) - 5/15
   Feature testing - 5/29
   Regression testing - 4/27 - 6/12
   RC1 - 6/12
   Final regression - 6/15 - 6/26
   Release -  7/3

CNCF certification - we're looking for containers compliance certification. CNCF provides a tool for running certain test and the results have to be verified by the foundation.
3. Opens
   Ada : what has happened with the unified sanity?
      Cristopher - changes have been introduced to the infrastructure. We will give it another try. 
         Yang - make sure the jump servers and the external VM network are not in the same vlan. Yang to bring the diagram sent by email a while back.


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