[Starlingx-discuss] centos8 upgrade status and plan

Sun, Austin austin.sun at intel.com
Mon Jan 20 12:15:11 UTC 2020

CentOS 8 including python2to3:
1. Current Status:
*build partial iso  including 783 RPMs
*ISO could be installed and boot successfully
*pxe sever  function has been verified individually
*the detail rpm status
       SRPM: 55 is still not uploaded, most are puppet and openstack srpm.
       Tallball: 36 is not uploaded, most we can keep , some are depends on ceph.
       noarch rpm : 561 is not found, python2 pkgs should change to python3 , and openstack and its depends
       x86 rpm: 204 is not found.

2.staged plan:
1.Ansible ,Docker and Kubernetes pkgs rpm and install into iso,(verify individual function per )  ---Feb 14th
2.Flock Services (including platform openstack such as keystone, horizons and barbican) , assuming use RDO non-official release  build into iso  ---- March 13th
3.RT build    ---- March 27th
4.ansible bootstrap   ---- March 27th
5.all platform service running successfully.   ----      April 17th
6.platform application and openstack application  --- April 30th (assume using ceph containerization )
7.feature test and function test  , issue fix      ----   End of May
3.issues, risk and concern
*Ceph tarball (mimic is not support centos8) ,
       Currently Strategy waiting rook /ceph containerization work
*Openstack official RPMs are not released yet , just some middle repos , and those are for openstack train(most likely ,not official release, directly plan to release ussuri)
      need upgrade platform openstack to train
      puppet version upgrade? Openstack Train is using puppet5, but platform puppet version is 4.8
       if upgrade openstack to train, potential compatible issue.
       any potential quality issue using "pre-release" official train rpms.
*RT kernel no official rpm or srpm
      Spec and config can be found in below
       tarball matching std kernel location.
      any potential quality issues built by ourselves
*some packages version are big changes , such as drbd upgrade from 8 to 9 ,
      any function or compatible issue.
      for example, currently drbd 8 cannot be built in kernel 4.10. so upgrade to 9, but is there campatible issues etc.
      another example, dnf which replacing yum, dnf does not support multi-paremeters in centos8, it cause build iso very slow, ~30mins.
      suggestions from expert in certain areas are welecome and needed.
*Kubeadm install ,
     the statement from k8s official site.
     "if your system's iptables tooling uses the nftables backend, you will need to switch the iptables tooling to 'legacy' mode to avoid these problems. This is the case on at least Debian
      10 (Buster), Ubuntu 19.04, Fedora 29 and newer releases of these distributions by default. RHEL 8 does not support switching to legacy mode, and is therefore incompatible with
      current kubeadm packages."
       assume CentOS8 is same as RHEL8,  it might be risk enabling kubeadm.
*rebasing master to centos8 feature branch
      for example k8s upgrade in master, it will cause 2nd upgrade work when rebaseing master to centos8 feature branch.
*verification and quality
      since this is major version upgrade, need test plan and test support.

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