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Mon Jan 27 20:36:15 UTC 2020

Hi all;

Sorry for the delay in getting these notes out.  For reference our rough notes are on this Etherpad [0]

Mid-cycle will be happening in Chandler (near Phoenix, AZ), and hosted by Intel (Thank you) March 3/4
This etherpad captures the start of the agenda - Mid-cycle: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/starlingX-winter-2020-meetup
Please add you name if you are planning to attend to allow for logistics planning.  All community members are welcome.

Figure out how to combine TSC and community meetings.  Are there others we should combine?

  *   Discuss at community call 1/29
  *   Still need to have a focused section for TSC topics – we are experimenting with ways to reduce the number of meetings needed.
PL positions - opening up - week of Feb 10th nomination period opens up for 1 week.

CNCF compatibility testing passed.  Ildiko requested TSC review before submission  (Brucej)
Ada provided update:
applied CNCF test suite
downloaded the tools, once positive results are achieved, then the certification can be applied for.
Test passed -- tagged release 3.0 - official release
276 tests passed – 100%
Project gap – upgrades work is not fully staffed under flock services - needs to be discussed with release team - to discuss trade-offs
To clarify the gap is the end to end system upgrade (K8S work underway, gaps in openstack and base )
Discussed at PTG
3.0 is gaining adoption, community adoption could be an issue
No spec approved - spec date upcoming
We all agreed that this is something that needs to be addressed
Storage Projects at risk
Staffing changes at Intel - Ceph containerization and Bluestore could be impacted

Project confirmation:
Story outline:
Timeline chart - Major inflection points and highlights
Maybe dashboard on criteria - see Shanghai update – update the Shanghai deck
supporting info for the criteria to back up our assessment
Info on contributors -
Bitergia - need some help here-total 288 contributors until now(from Bitergia)
User adoption stories
                                ...pick the key stories to tell.
Reducing friction for adoption - what have we done here.
Info on test initiatives - summarize hack-a-thon - 1 chart
Leverage Shanghai chart deck - board update chart deck.
Review as a team
determine what actions fall out
Input welcome from the community.

[0] - https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-cores
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