[Starlingx-discuss] Bi-Weekly StarlingX OS Distro & Multi-OS Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2021

Linda Wang Linda.Wang at windriver.com
Sat Jul 31 01:40:03 UTC 2021

Agenda items:
Attendees: Charles Short,Steve Geary, Linda Wang, Mark Asselstine, Scott 
Little, Jason Norton, Bill Zvonar, Davlet P., Frank Miller

1. OS Distro (Mark)

  * Continue to get patch review via gerrit : 2 reviews left
      o Specific to 5.10 kernel work
      o 100% transferrable to Debian packaging
  * Container docker files, and build container are out for review
      o get them build on CENGNG so that developers dont need to build
        themselves and get these from dockerhub
      o Then we can circle back to get these push into the repository
  * Individual components are going well
      o We have shared the ISO image
      o we have applily and available for LAT
      o Main focus now is to get these components to work well together,
        not individually
  * Debian equalvent CentOS build folder
      o 3 ways to use the Debian build folders
      o had code review on those build folders
      o get the build folders send out for Xts enviornment to review
          + AI: to get Yue Tao to send that out. (cc Scott and Charles)
  * Python Status
      o lots of python scripts have been merged into Fedora head's branch
      o backporting python3 change to master

2. Multi-OS

  * N/A

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