Hi guys,

Recently I got a strange problem in StarlingX. When I reboot one VM with two physical pci-passthrough NICs, then all of VMs cannot be connected. I lost connections with all VMs and also the VMs lost each others. 

Below is the StarlingX environment.

1. stx1.0 version, bootimage[1] 
2. Simplex deployment
3. 5 Network ports. Only one don’t support DPDK,and it is used to OAM Network. In the rest, two are used to data network, and another two are used to passthrough to a VM.
4. The VM was attached two more virtual networks. I have tested the case of attaching one virtual net, it was no problem. 

When I reboot the VM, something were happened. The interfaces and bridges were down, all the virtual dhcp services were down and ovs-vswitchd was restarted. But when I up the interfaces and dhcp services and reboot the other VMs, I have got the connections with them again.

It’s ok when to reboot the VM without physical NIC. We think it may be caused by ovs-dpdk, so we stop to use ovs-dpdk and start the ovs manually, the problem was gone.

I cannot understand the problem, anybody could give me some comments for it? Thanks a lot.

[1] http://mirror.starlingx.cengn.ca/mirror/starlingx/r2018.10/centos/2018.10.0/outputs/iso/bootimage.iso