[Starlingx-discuss] build-pkg --parallel

Scott Little scott.little at windriver.com
Tue Jul 31 19:01:18 UTC 2018

I had a successful parallel build (aka build-pkgs --parallel) inside the 
docker container.   ~1h45m on 24 core, 64G ram

The prerequisite was a populated $MY_REPO/cgcs-tis-repo/dependancy-cache.

Currently we only generate the cache *after* the build in the 
'generate-cgcs-tis-repo' step. *I'd like to see the cache stored in git 
and updated regularly by 'official' builds.*

Note: The cache doesn't have to be perfect, so a cache that is out of 
date by a day or a week is still very useful. build-pkgs/mockchain just 
needs a rough guide on build dependencies and potential dependency loops.


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