[Starlingx-discuss] Automated Notification for: [mirror-downloader][#119] Missing packages - Results report

Liu, ZhipengS zhipengs.liu at intel.com
Fri Nov 2 00:53:27 UTC 2018

Hi Erich,

There is an error introduced by 1.4.50 that I fixed during 7.5 upgrade.
It can block applying manifest step during deployment.
Please refer to my patch for 7.5 upgrade and feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Thx! -Zhipeng

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+ Zhipeng
We still have patches on lighttpd and it was rebased to 1.4.50 recently by Zhipeng. If the srpm upgraded to 1.4.51, Zhipeng can you please work w/ Erich and see if those patches need rework?

Thx. - cindy

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Lighttpd was upgraded in upstream: 

Package lighttpd-1.4.50-1.el7.src not found, available lighttpd-1.4.51-1.el7.src

We'll send a patch for master today. Should we backport this to r/2018.10 branch? 


On 11/1/18, 3:37 AM, "aragorn at intel.com" <aragorn at intel.com> wrote:

    [mirror-downloader][#119] Missing packages. Results report:
     - Missing: logs/L1_srpms_missing_centos.log
    lighttpd-1.4.50-1.el7.src.rpm - Missing GPG key:
    ./output/stx-r1/CentOS/pike/Source/libvirt-python-4.7.0-1.fc28.src.rpm: RSA sha1 ((MD5) PGP) md5 NOT OK (MISSING KEYS: (MD5) PGP#596bea5d) 

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