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Young, Ken Ken.Young at windriver.com
Mon Nov 5 20:42:50 UTC 2018


A quick update on the mirror.  The tooling to enable the mirror was merged on Friday.  The Wind River used the mirror over the week-end for its builds with no issues.

How have your builds gone since Friday?


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] [build][meetings] Meeting minutes 11/1/2018

Build team meeting minutes 11/1/2018

Ken, Jason, Scott, Memo, Erich, Marcela, Victor, Chuy, Cesar, Luis

Cengn Status

-Mirror is now completed and operational, the wiki has been updated with the details for Cengn and our partnership, the details and specs are already there.
-The scripts that are related with mirror download are now pointing to Cengn repos and are waiting in the queue to be reviewed tested and merged, the desired date for fully operational mirror is November 5th
- Now changes to the packages required to build will be caught by Cengn mirror within one day, the scripts will try to download first from Cengn and if is still not available will try to go get the packages from upstream.

Koji follow up

-presentation on a possible scenario hosting Koji and demo on using Koji based built packages with our current build scripts.
-discussion followed up by implementation details led to different points of view about the problem we have to solve if there’s any, the amount of effort to integrate tooling as we know Koji doesn’t solve every use case by itself and where to host a Koji service(we are striving to host a centralized service for the whole community).
-The statement we are using to follow thru with Koji versus our current script is that we will require a lot of effort to support multi OS with the current tools.

We had to defer the topic of mirror script refactored using Python.

We will start a thread on the goals this team has for next release on the mailing list.


Cesar Lara
Software Engineering Manager
OpenSource Technology Center

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