[Starlingx-discuss] Analysis of patch 294a63c for StarlingX Upstreaming

Fang, Liang A liang.a.fang at intel.com
Tue Nov 6 14:17:29 UTC 2018

Thanks Daniel.


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Subject: RE: [Starlingx-discuss] Analysis of patch 294a63c for StarlingX Upstreaming

Hi Liang,

No objections here, mark this patch as abandoned.


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Analysis of patch 294a63c for StarlingX Upstreaming
Hi Daniel and Ovidiu

Repo: cinder
Commit: 294a63c821233e3307f142965f366e8eb3d0c1de
Title: Pike Rebase: Fix Cinder memory leak

This patch is to call novaclient's API "set_timings_max_len", to limit the max timing logs, so that the log list will not be to huge. But novaclient(both the upstream version and stx- version) don't contain the API set_timings_max_len, I also cannot find in repo history. It seems this patch may co-worked with some private version of novaclient previously, but not the public version. In fact current novaclient contains an API "reset_timings" which can be called to purge the timing logs. I want to mark this patch as abandoned, do you have any comments?


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