[Starlingx-discuss] Does openstack-helm-infra needs network access to build?

Cordoba Malibran, Erich erich.cordoba.malibran at intel.com
Wed Nov 7 00:29:18 UTC 2018

Hi all, 

We are seeing a failure today in our build environment. The openstack-
helm-infra package is failing. Checking the logs it seems that the
network access is required during building: 

Adding stable repo with URL: https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com
Error: Looks like "https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com" is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: Get https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/index.yaml: proxyconnect tcp: dial tcp: lookup <our-proxy> on [::1]:53: dial udp [::1]:53: connect: cannot assign requested address
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.KecSPl (%build)

We run the build in an isolated environment without internet access.

Is someone seeing something similar? If this is true, then what would
be the best practice here, do we want network access while building? or
it should work in an isolated environment?

Thanks in advance


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