[Starlingx-discuss] Analysis of patch 2e4ca00 for StarlingX Upstreaming

Xu, Chenjie chenjie.xu at intel.com
Wed Nov 7 05:24:51 UTC 2018

Hi Allain,
Thanks for your reply! I agree with your opinions. About configuration option, I think we can propose to add max_rpc_response_timeout or multipler into the config file. The function get_max_timeout() should return max_rpc_response_timeout or multipler*rpc_response_timeout. The default value for max_rpc_response_timeout can be 300s and for multipler can be 5. Coud you please help review and comment?

Best Regards,
Xu, Chenjie

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Subject: RE: [Starlingx-discuss] Analysis of patch 2e4ca00 for StarlingX Upstreaming

The issue with changing the configuration value from 60 to 6 is that provides the default value for _METHOD_TIMEOUTS which means now each RPC request will timeout after 6 seconds rather than 60 seconds.  In a heavily loaded system that timeout will get hit frequently thus leading to repeated RPC requests and an increased load on the server.

We need a way to control the maximum timeout without reducing the timeout of each individual RPC timeout so much as to increase the load on the server.

I think it is unlikely that upstream will accept the current change in its current form.  Perhaps we need to propose a configuration option that can be controlled via config file but still leaves the default as it is today.


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From: Xu, Chenjie [mailto:chenjie.xu at intel.com]
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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Analysis of patch 2e4ca00 for StarlingX Upstreaming

Hi Matt,
The patch 2e4ca00 changes function get_max_timeout() by changing the multiplication factor of 10 to 1 to avoid wait for 60*10 seconds(The default value for rpc_response_timeout is 60). This can be done by changing the default value from 60 to 6. Then will wait 6*10 seconds. This patch may be just a configuration problem to neutron upstream. Do you think we should upstream this patch or not?

Best Regards,
Xu, Chenjie
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