[Starlingx-discuss] Community call Nov 7th 2018

Jones, Bruce E bruce.e.jones at intel.com
Wed Nov 7 18:41:24 UTC 2018

Agenda and notes - November 7th call:

  *       Ghada to run this call next week due to the Summit.

  *       Do we have any requests from the OpenStack User Committee?  Prep for meeting at the summit. - Ian
o    The UC is an elected committee parallel to the TC in the OpenStack project, who drive user POV and the Operators meetup.
o    Follow up to Ian's meeting with the UC in Denver
o    Team does not have much input for Ian today.  Looking to establish a good working relationship with the UC.

  *   March release planning - TSC is reviewing the Ethercalc - any other input incoming?

  *   Bug status We have 74 open bugs, most assigned, some need to be triaged
o    https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx

  *   Sub-project status / help needed / issues?
o    Build - build mirror set up at Cengn.  Debug of some issues is in progress.  The build is broken for people who live behind proxies since it now requires network access.  To be discussed at the next build meeting.
o    Test - four configurations automated in the virtual env in addition to multi-node.  90 test cases automated.  Test planning for 2019.03 beginning.
o    Config, HA, Metal, Update, Fault, GUI, NFV - most activity in the Flock is in Containers right now.
o    Dist Cloud - Yesterday at the Edge Computing meeting regarding the reference arch discussed at the PTG.   Some uses cases will need the synchronized Keystone solution for small edge clouds that don't need identity providers on each edge node.  WG accepting the need for an option for this.  Spec for distcloud coming soon.
o    Docs - Team working on how to version the docs between the release branch and master.  Contributor guide for the Docs is on line.  Feel free to update the docs.
o    Distro - working on planning for 2019.03.  Agreed on quite a few items to target to the release.  Making some progress on non-openstack patches.  23 tasks identified for refactoring in one SB entry.  3 patches merged, 6 under review.  Ceph upgrade to be discussed with the TSC this week.  Core reviewers defined.
o    Security - on-going discussions on Security issues - team has worked the bug backlog down from 15 to 5.  Focused on two policy items - draft document for how we do vulnerability management on the wiki - please review.  New Banned C function policy coming together
o    Containers - Code is starting to flow.  Only takes effect when the system is configued with --kubernetes, will remove option once the code is more stable.  Changes likely needed to test automation and some documents (e.g. installation, build).  Most of the activity in the Flock right now is tied to container support.  We have support for BM and VM containers today with Magnum and Ironic.  In the new architecture work will be needed to ensure that all still works after the changes.
o    Releases - taking a well-deserved break
o    Networking - focused on neutron patch upstreaming - 3 patches merged upstream.  Analysis complete for identifying good candidates for upstream.  Removing 2 custom features for QoSand port security in Neutron to align more closely with upstream.  Helping with Container team for networking changes needed.  There are a couple specs on the Neutron side that are being reviewed.
o    MultiOS - Pursuing 3 tracks - CI/CD for Clear which for now is internal.  DevStack enablement for Clear Linux is being done within the StarlingX staging tree.  Plug ins for the Flock services are being done within each Flock service.  Our goal is to have DevStack running on Clear with the Flock services starting.  No intention now to have the services do anything other than stand up and not fall down.  Don't expect API functions to work.
o    DevStack - See above
o    Zuul - we have 6 stories in SB but no activity seen.
o    Python2->3 - non-openstack covered in the distro.openstack team.  Goal is to be 100% P3 compliant - analysis in progress.

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