[Starlingx-discuss] Build failure on lastest build Sterling 31/10/2018

McKenna, Jason Jason.McKenna at windriver.com
Thu Nov 8 17:15:08 UTC 2018

Hi StarlingX,

One possible workaround particular for the case of modifying the lst files are to use 3 commits:

A - Adds the new source rpm to the .lst file in stx-tools
B - Changes the code in [your git] to use the new source RPM
C - Removes the old source rpm from the .lst file in stx-tools

C Depends-On B
B Depends-On A

The only downside is that for some window, you might have two versions of the source rpm in your workspace, eating an extra few MB of disk space.


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> > The two patches need be merged together, so it is like A and B depends on
> each other.
> > But currently in gerrit/zuul, we cannot make patch depends on each other.
> It is a limitation I think.
> > So I just set A depends on B.
> In this situation the best approach is to get A approved first.  It will go
> through the gate pipeline but will not merge until B is approved.  When B
> gets through the gate pipeline they will both merge close together.  It is still
> not at exactly the same time but is gets close.
> You do not have to wait until A is done before approving B, you just want it to
> get started enough earlier so B does not finish ahead of it.  This minimizes the
> gap between the merges.
> dt
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