[Starlingx-discuss] system pm-modify retention_secs=n

Waheed, Numan Numan.Waheed at windriver.com
Wed Nov 14 16:33:16 UTC 2018

Hi Juan,

This command is not supported anymore. Following are the commands that should be used.

system service-parameter-add
system service-parameter-apply
system service-parameter-delete
system service-parameter-list
system service-parameter-modify
system service-parameter-show



From: Alonso, Juan Carlos [mailto:juan.carlos.alonso at intel.com]
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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] system pm-modify retention_secs=n


"Verify CLI system pm-modify does not require option action=apply"
The step of such test cases is: "system pm-modify retention_secs=n"

The output of this command is an error message: "system: error: argument <subcommand>: invalid choice: pm-modify".

Seems that this command is not supported anymore. Do you know what is the correct command to apply or if there is something missing?
I am don't understand what is the purpose of this command.
I am using a Multimode Controller Storage.

Juan Carlos Alonso
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