[Starlingx-discuss] ISO build Failing : Command "build-pkgs", How to rebuild failed packages

Hu, Yong yong.hu at intel.com
Mon Nov 19 01:03:47 UTC 2018

Hi Saju,
In order to drill down the cause of build-pkgs failure, clarifying a few things would let us help you further:

  1.  First of all, have you *successfully* gone through the mirror setup procedures, and assured no packages were missing of downloading? Indeed, the mirror setup is nontrivial and likely something might go wrong caused by network connectivity, timeout or even upstream repo unavailability.  One way to check mirror completeness is to confirm all packages listed in “~/stx-tools/centos-mirror-tools/*.lst” are there after running downloading scripts. Another way is to check if any packages are listed in *missing*.txt files (which means something wrong when downloading related packages).
  2.  Regarding the build log, it would be helpful if you can attach the build log (such as: /localdisk/loadbuild/yourname/starlingx/build-std.log). With this, we can see the wholistic log and capture some clues. BTW: you can search your log file, to see whether there are any pieces of “Success building” info with any rpm pkgs. If so, it is a good sign that at least your local repo “cgcs-centos-repo” was correctly made and parts of RPMs were built out already.
  3.  Back to your build failure, you can actually enter into “/localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/results/starlingx-starlingx-tis-r5-pike-std/libvirt-python-4.7.0-1.tis.3/” and there are many build logs in next level details. And “build.log” and “root.log” should the most important 2 files you like to look into what’s happening inside.
  4.  Last but not least, about the question “how to rebuild failed packages”. The answer is you couldn’t or don’t have to. If the build-pkgs ended up with failures, rebuilding won’t work, until you fix the issues caused the build failures. In another word, *IF* build setup was done correctly in advance, the build would *iterate* for more than rounds automatically, and eventually ALL the packages should be built out.

Hope this kind of info give you a structural way to narrow down the build issues you are facing.


From: Saju M <sajuptpm at gmail.com>
Date: Friday, 16 November 2018 at 5:52 PM
To: "starlingx-discuss at lists.starlingx.io" <starlingx-discuss at lists.starlingx.io>
Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] ISO build Failing : Command "build-pkgs", How to rebuild failed packages

I am following the link https://docs.starlingx.io/developer_guide/index.html#build-packages
When I run "build-pkgs" and it returns list of "Failed to build packages: ", I have attached the name of failed packages.

I could not find in my setup.

I am getting 2 types of build errors.

============ Build Error Type - 1 ===========

20:49:00 Finish: Outputting list of installed packages
20:49:00 ERROR: Exception(/localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/rpmbuild/SRPMS/lldpd-0.9.0-0.tis.4.src.rpm) Config(starlingx-starlingx-tis-r5-pike-std/mock) 0 minutes 5 seconds
20:49:00 INFO: Results and/or logs in: /localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/results/starlingx-starlingx-tis-r5-pike-std/lldpd-0.9.0-0.tis.4
20:49:00 ERROR: Command failed:
20:49:00  # bash --login -c /usr/bin/rpmbuild -bb --target x86_64 --nodeps /builddir/build/SPECS/lldpd.spec
20:49:00 End build: /localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/rpmbuild/SRPMS/lldpd-0.9.0-0.tis.4.src.rpm
20:49:00 Error building lldpd-0.9.0-0.tis.4.src.rpm.

============ Build Error Type - 2 ===========

20:41:07 Start: build setup for libvirt-python-4.7.0-1.tis.3.src.rpm
20:41:07 ERROR: Exception(/localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/rpmbuild/SRPMS/libvirt-python-4.7.0-1.tis.3.src.rpm) Config(starlingx-starlingx-tis-r5-pike-std/mock) 0 minutes 4 seconds
20:41:07 INFO: Results and/or logs in: /localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/results/starlingx-starlingx-tis-r5-pike-std/libvirt-python-4.7.0-1.tis.3
20:41:07 ERROR: Command failed:
20:41:07  # /usr/bin/yum-builddep --installroot /localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/mock/root/ --releasever 7 /localdisk/loadbuild/starlingx/starlingx/std/mock/root//builddir/build/SRPMS/libvirt-python-4.7.0-1.tis.3.src.rpm
20:41:07 Failed to set locale, defaulting to C
20:41:07 [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found
20:41:07 Trying other mirror.

============= Failed Packages ======================

20:33:10 Failed to build packages:  vm-topology-1.0-1.tis.src.rpm  swtpm-0.1.0-2.tis.0.src.rpm  qemu-kvm-ev-2.10.0-0.tis.0.src.rpm  python-networking-sfc-5.0.0-1.tis.2.src.rpm  python-networking-bgpvpn-7.0.0-0.tis.3.src.rpm  pxe-network-installer-1.0-27.tis.src.rpm  platform-kickstarts-1.0.0-2.tis.src.rpm  openvswitch-2.9.0-3.el7.tis.1.src.rpm  openstack-neutron-11.0.0-1.tis.9.src.rpm  lldpd-0.9.0-0.tis.4.src.rpm  libvirt-python-4.7.0-1.tis.3.src.rpm  libvirt-4.7.0-1.tis.23.src.rpm  libtpms-0.6.0-2.tis.0.src.rpm  libfdt-1.4.4-0.tis.1.src.rpm  ldapscripts-2.0.8-0.tis.2.src.rpm  ixgbevf-kmod-4.3.5-0.tis.2.src.rpm  ixgbe-kmod-5.3.7-0.tis.1.src.rpm  i40evf-kmod-3.5.13-0.tis.1.src.rpm  i40e-kmod-2.4.10-0.tis.1.src.rpm  e1000e-kmod-  drbd-kernel-8.4.7-1.tis.4.src.rpm  drbd-8.4.3-0.tis.6.src.rpm  dpkg-1.18.24-0.tis.1.src.rpm  cgcs-users-1.0-0.tis.2.src.rpm
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