[Starlingx-discuss] Notes: Weekly StarlingX non-OpenStack Distro meeting, 11/21

Xie, Cindy cindy.xie at intel.com
Wed Nov 21 14:54:42 UTC 2018

Agenda and notes for 11/21 meeting:
    1. Discuss the feasibility of abandon source patch for non-OpenStack (Saul/Brent)
    push this topic to later time when it's more mature. 
    2. non-Openstack patch refactoring status (Zhipeng/Shuicheng)
    for story:  https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2003768 , total 23 tasks, we have 17 merged, and 6 still under review.
    94 patches got abandoned, and 10 srpms can be replaced by rpms. 
    in total, we have 137 patches removed. 
    3. kernel driver upgrade testing status update (Ada/Ricardo/Shuicheng)
    face installation issues yesterday, will install new ISO again. Shuicheng provided a new ISO today. the stability of GDC system may related to using validation HW instead of commercial systems. The ISO shared
    with Shuicheng didn't show any in-stability issue. 
    did Shanghai ever install StarlingX SW on QAT system through FlexRAN? no, it works well on that NPG QAT system.
    4. Pyhon2to3 non-OpenStack status (Austin)
    we have total 364 packages which has Python code. We did investigation and 303 rpms includes Python code. Need more work to understand if they are already p3 compatible. 107 packages have tis patches we need to 
    scan if they are already p3 compatible for those patches. (most of them are in stx-integ, but some Openstack related patches are under stx-upstream).
    all Flock services are working in progress, stx-config, stx-nfv, stx-integ are still WIP. others are all done.
    Stein will support Python3. 
    more work needs to be done to understand the overall picture of 303 rpms - some uncertainties if those upstream project already have Python3 transition plan or not.
    5. Ceph upgrade status (Vivian/Dehao)
    Dehao followed up w/ Scott regarding to Ceph v13.2 upgrade. Upgrade method is updated and 1st path has been done with updated scripts. scripts refer the default build-rpms scripts by adding some special steps. 
    Scott requirement: split download and action from Ceph scripts. repo-sync can download all ceph submodules. download tarball will download all libraries. No puppet download is required at this stage.
    StarlingX can be built with updated Ceph v13.2.0. Brent prefer to move to v13.2.2. Need to wait for Dean to create a branch to hold v13.2.2; AR: Saul will try to do it and see if he has the privilige of doing it on staging.
    in total we have 42 patches, 10 of them are abandon, 32 needs to be rebased to new version. WIP based on v13.2.0, with the decision of moving to v13.2.2, it may impact the schedule. 
    Saul just created v13.2.2 branch under stx-ceph. Dehao is checking for the branch. 
    Changcheng faced rpm download issue from China and filed a launchpad bug -> assigned to Erich. Ask WR to double confirm if those 10 patches can be removed or not. Frank has people from WR to look at them.
    document created: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-ceph_upgrade. 

    6. Devstack flocks plug-in update (Erick)
    skip this topic as Erick is not on.
    7. Glance/Cinder raw cache (Lisa)
    to abandon patches about raw cache feature by WR, the new Glance/Cinder provide such features already. What's the difference btw the two implementation. Ovidiu from WR is reviewing the email sent from Lisa and 
    will reply it, this is already in the todo list.
    8. Opens (all)
Saul question: how about Qemu update, need to have update from Ghada or Jim regarding the qemu 3.0 upgrade status.

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