[Starlingx-discuss] Notes from 11/21/18 community meeting

Jones, Bruce E bruce.e.jones at intel.com
Wed Nov 21 16:16:44 UTC 2018

Agenda and Notes - Nov 21st Call

  *   Happy Thanksgiving!  The US based folks will be out Thursday - Friday this week.

  *   Berlin Summit Summary - Bruce, etc...
o    Really good summit for StarlingX.  Good showcase for the project, and great progress since May where we started with seed code.  Big accomplishment by the team!
o    Brent presented to the BoD, Ian and Dean keynoted, there were numerous StarlingX sessions and we had good participation across the overall Open Infrastructure community.
o    Conference sessions were recorded and are in the process of being posted
o    The next Summit / PTG will be in Denver.  The one after that will be in China!
o    The next OpenStack release will be called Train.

  *   Patch resolution strategy change - Brent
o    Reduction of OpenStack technical debt has not been going as fast as we would like, which means maintaining the forks for longer and impacting rebasing.
o    The TSC discussed a new approach.  Rather than work through patch by patch, the TSC proposes to turn the problem on its head and move to OpenStack master
o    As soon as possible.
o    We would then look to address gaps through upstream submissions/specs, refactoring of STX or (worst case) carrying a small number of patches in packaging RPMs.
o    Brent to post the chart deck describing the changes to keep onto the wiki.
o    List has been shared with the STX Neutron team and the Nova PTL.
o    Will likely change the release cadence to accommodate this change - Stein releases in April making it hard to support in an STX release in March.

  *   We are looking into holding an in person community meeting in January to discuss planning for these changes.  Hosted by Intel in Phoenix (Chandler).  Target date is January 15-16

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