[Starlingx-discuss] stx-tools: setup stx build environment

Liu, Changcheng changcheng.liu at intel.com
Thu Nov 22 16:16:22 UTC 2018

Hi Erich,
     I still met with some problems after following your method to run "download_mirror.sh".
     Please check the comment in https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1804412
[root at 90104f541da1 logs]# wc -l *
      0 K1_failmoved_url_centos.log
      0 K1_rpms_found_centos.log
      0 K1_rpms_missing_centos.log
      0 K1_srpms_found_centos.log
      0 K1_srpms_missing_centos.log
     46 L1_failmoved_url_3rdparties.log
   5306 L1_failmoved_url_centos.log
    394 L1_failmoved_url_centos3rdparties.log
      0 L1_rpms_found_3rdparties.log
      0 L1_rpms_found_centos.log
      0 L1_rpms_found_centos3rdparties.log
      0 L1_rpms_missing_3rdparties.log
      0 L1_rpms_missing_centos.log
      0 L1_rpms_missing_centos3rdparties.log
     23 L1_srpms_found_3rdparties.log
   1936 L1_srpms_found_centos.log
    148 L1_srpms_found_centos3rdparties.log
      0 L1_srpms_missing_3rdparties.log
      0 L1_srpms_missing_centos.log
      0 L1_srpms_missing_centos3rdparties.log
    590 all_i686.txt
   9858 otherfiles_centos_download.log
      1 rpm-gpg-key-missing.txt
     80 rpms_3rdparties_download_L1.log
    490 rpms_centos3rdparties_download_L1.log
      2 rpms_centos_download_K1.log
   6735 rpms_centos_download_L1.log
  57768 tarballs_download.log
  83377 total
[root at 90104f541da1 logs]#

      I don't know whether the "failmoved" packages will affect the ISO image build or not.
      I'm building another docker image for building ISO image.


From: Liu, Changcheng
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Subject: RE: stx-tools: setup stx build environment

Hi Erich,
     Please help check the problem. Tell me if you need more information.
     I'm trying to run "download_mirror.sh" again.


From: Liu, Changcheng
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 6:35 PM
To: 'starlingx-discuss at lists.starlingx.io' <starlingx-discuss at lists.starlingx.io<mailto:starlingx-discuss at lists.starlingx.io>>
Subject: stx-tools: setup stx build environment

Could someone help check below bug?
    Title: stx-tools: failed to download required packaged
Link:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1804412


From: Liu, Changcheng
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2018 8:31 PM
To: starlingx-discuss at lists.starlingx.io<mailto:starlingx-discuss at lists.starlingx.io>
Subject: setup stx build environment

Hi all,
     I have one question about setting up stx build environment.
            Why not move lots of many basic program installation process from mirror-check.sh to Dockerfile directly?

     Then stx community could supply one basic docker image as the base image to let developer customize it. Currently, I still need install lots of program after building Dockerfile into image.

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