[Starlingx-discuss] Issue w/ openssh blocking sanity execution

Penney, Don Don.Penney at windriver.com
Mon Nov 26 19:10:48 UTC 2018

The update added a new openssh-config package for the customizations we have to the configuration files. However, it also has a %post script command that disables sshd:

%{_bindir}/systemctl disable sshd.service  > /dev/null 2>&1 || :

I don't know why that would be added, as we don't do that in the openssh package today. Maybe it was intended to be a restart to pick up the config changes, but it wouldn't strictly be needed for the install.

The commit message says the following testing was done:
Deployment test and ping test between VMs pass
Config files check pass.

so I'm surprised this issue wasn't seen during testing for this update.

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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Issue w/ openssh blocking sanity execution
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Hello all,
We are seeing issues with ssh after installing controller-0 with a load built on 2018-11-25. The ssh daemon is not started by default on the controller. This issue is seen in multiple labs and is blocking automated sanity execution.
This issue was not seen in a load built on 2018-11-22.

Is anyone else testing in master and seeing this issue?

Looking at the code submissions between 2018-11-22 & 2018-11-25, I see the following change:

./cgcs-root/stx/stx-integ 36dc17738d9e2ef5dab689a556d7d8f33415861e Fri Nov 23 22:09:59 2018 +0000 Gerrit Code Review Merge "Refactor patches for openssh package"
./cgcs-root/stx/stx-integ 1c8c71654ff6f20cf13bcceeb861d969fd5b53a8 Wed Nov 21 01:21:12 2018 +0000 zhipeng liu Refactor patches for openssh package

I'm not sure if that's the root-cause, but it needs to be investigated.

Zhipeng/Cindy, Please investigate.

Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1805157


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