[Starlingx-discuss] Minutes: StartlingX Networking Meeting -- 11/29

Khalil, Ghada Ghada.Khalil at windriver.com
Thu Nov 29 23:41:49 UTC 2018

Meeting minutes/agenda are captured at:

Team Meeting Agenda/Notes - Nov 29/2018
*        Network Segment Range Management

  *   spec merged on Nov 29: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/599980

  *   Discuss next steps for implementation
?  Kailun started implementation a week ago
?  Miguel indicated that code can be merged at any time until the end of the cycle. The later the submission, the more pressure there is as the reviewers' becomes busier, so the sooner the better. Additionally, smaller submissions are better and easier to merge.  Miguel will continue to highlight this blueprint in the regular neutron meeting in the blueprint section.
?  For StarlingX point of view, the target date for the code to merge is end of January as this is a key dependency for other StarlingX re-factoring work.
?  Next Step:
*        Kailun to prepare a set of work items and effort for next week's meeting.
*        From Miguel, having a set of patches early (target: Dec 13)  would be great. Miguel will mention this in the next neutron meeting to align the code reviewers.
*        e490b5a -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1800417

  *   Current theory is that this issue is no longer reproducible in upstream.

  *   Allain to review the latest data
*        8e7249 -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1800599

  *   Based on testing, Huifeng believes that this issue is addressed by the new wsgi-based web server.

  *   If the results are ok, Huifeng can propose to the neutron community to move from the current eventlet-based web server to the wsgi-based web server.

  *   Allain to review the latest data and provide his feedback. Also added Miguel on the thread for his input.
*        6ed8fe -- Confirmed with Allain that this is a bug. Next step is to create a neutron launchpad bug
*        fd6cfc0 -- RFE - https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1795212 (Prevent DHCP agent from processing stale RPC messages)

  *   Community questions in the RFE were answered. Request for Miguel to review in the next neutron driver meeting. Need the community to valiate the requirement.

  *   The patch is in good change and can proceed once the community approves the RFE: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/609463/
*        MattW still looking at BGP EVPN lower priority items. Requested for him to follow up with Forrest to see if he can take on some of the higher priority commits instead.
*        For reference, high priority commits for neutron upstreaming:

  *   0005-pnet-extension-to-expose-providernet-management-at-a.patch              In Progress        021ae1a

  *   0014-CGTS-3059-prevent-dhcp-agent-from-processing-stale-R.patch             In Review        fd6cfc0

  *   0018-US86444-patching-scripts-for-neutron-processes.patch                          Not started        87a8c625

  *   0023-trunk-add-support-to-delete-bound-trunk.patch                                         In Review        6955351

  *   0037-CGTS-3239-add-process-synchronization-around-segment.patch           In Progress        e490b5a

  *   0039-CGTS-3885-dhcp-handle-concurrent-port-creation-error.patch                 In Progress        a38f89

  *   0040-CGTS-4971-rpc-removing-timeout-backoff-multiplier.patch                       In Progress        2e4ca00

  *   0047-CGTS-6926-wsgi-prevent-accepting-socket-without-a-gr.patch                 In Progress        8e72491

  *   0062-CGTS-5759-dvr-force-admin-state-update-before-distri.patch                   Not started        edf9731

  *   0065-CGTS-8104-dvr-do-not-create-agent-gateway-ports-unle.patch                Not started        2857911

  *   0077-CGTS-8130-api-reject-routes-with-invalid-network-val.patch                     Not started        6ed8fe6

  *   0081-l2pop-added-rpc-query-api-for-resync.patch                                               In Progress        88b7bc7

  *   0087-l2pop-support-for-FDB-extenders-from-other-projects.patch                      In Review        4ae5a58

  *   0092-l3-add-l2pop-support-for-floatingip-resources.patch                                   In Progress        9f926a5

  *   0147-CGTS-8844-ml2-use-new-bindings-when-failing-concurre.patch               In Review        da31d0

  *   0009-CGTS-2592-allow-admin-password-changes-on-controller.patch              Not started        c3fa9d9b3303433f09ca16c089b2db52e116dfba

  *   0014-US106792-add-support-for-querying-quotas-with-usage.patch                 Not started        71c07d7b22bb5aaea8c39d4d4b97883a0bae5c1b
*        Email on stx-discuss regarding no dhcp response to VM. Not enough information provided. MattP to respond requesting more info.

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