[Starlingx-discuss] Centos Distro Direction

Saul Wold sgw at linux.intel.com
Fri Nov 30 23:48:54 UTC 2018


As we move forward into the spring release (Stein based), we will also
be dealing with another CentOS update.  RHEL has already released the
7.6 Update on Oct 30th, typically we should expect the CentOS 7.6 update
shortl, about 30 days after RHEL releases.

We should do the 7.6 Update as we did the 7.5 Update on a feature
branch, it took about 2 months last time (including initial setup,
rebasing, and de-fuzzing), I expect it will be shorter this time based
on our past learning.

We should start out with creating the feature branches (I will work with
Dean on this) for stx-integ, stx-root, stx-tools, and stx-upstream
repos. When we start the work, we need to remember to rebase the feature
branches regularly and check for patch fuzzing issues.

Cindy, can you please put this on your agenda for the next Non-Openstack
Distro meeting.

While on the topic of Cento Distro updates, many of you may have heard
that RHEL 8 Beta was announced on Nov 14 [0], while this is not a CentOS
release we should start thinking about that upgrade as it will be a
larger effort as it includes the 4.18 kernel (alas not the 4.19 LTS
kernel) along with many other upgrades.  We should start a feature
branch for CentOS 8 as well to do the updates, This will help reduce
some of the patch load from the backported patches.  Since we don't know
exactly when CentOS 8 will be available this should be a Train-based
release target (Fall 2019) (at the earliest)



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