[Starlingx-discuss] r/2018.10 branch merges complete

Jones, Bruce E bruce.e.jones at intel.com
Mon Oct 1 17:13:30 UTC 2018

Dean, thank you!

I'm looking forward to seeing posts to the mailing list of successful builds on the branch, hint hint :)


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It looks like the last of the 'setup' reviews for the r/2018.10 branch merged a few hours ago, thank you to those who reviewed those.

This means that
a) master is open again for ongoing work
b) we are ready to do release branch builds directly from Gerrit via stx-manifest (check out r/2018.10 and use that default.xml)

Don't forge that bug fixes should merge in master before being backported to r/2018.10.



Dean Troyer
dtroyer at gmail.com

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