[Starlingx-discuss] Critical issue found in stx master as of 2018-09-28_12-39-00

Cordoba Malibran, Erich erich.cordoba.malibran at intel.com
Mon Oct 1 17:58:12 UTC 2018

Are network interfaces shown after installing controller-1 ? 

The behavior looks similar to the issue reported this weekend by Juan
Carlos. https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1795466

On Mon, 2018-10-01 at 17:49 +0000, Khalil, Ghada wrote:
> A critical issue was found during Wind River’s sanity run today.
> This issue impacts successful configuration of multi-node systems in
> the virtual as well as baremetal environments.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1795400
> The issue appears to be related to the change of the software version
> to 18.10. Don Penney is investigating and is working on a fix. The
> fix will be sourced in both master and the stx.2018.10 release
> branch.
> Regards,
> Ghada
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