[Starlingx-discuss] Containerizing the StarlingX Infrastructure

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I captured notes from this morning's presentation:

*       Brent presented this chart package for Containerization of StarlingX Infrastructure:  https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Containerizing_StarlingX_Infrastructure
*       Some questions/answers that came up during the presentation:
o       Which configs will move to this containerized infrastructure?  Answer: All configs will get the containerized configuration.
o       For 1 and 2 node configurations, CEPH will run on the controllers.
o       Where will RBD provisioner run?  Answer: it will run in the cube space.
o       If trying to run an application, where will it run? Will it be possible to run apps in containers? Answer: Yes (Some limitations: eg: no high performance networking, multi-tenant limitation)
o       Containerized OpenStack services will require us to build our own docker images and those images will be CentOS based.
o       Can we generate these docker images using other O/S's?  Answer: This will be a design consideration.
o       Will it be possible to put docker images on docker hub?  Answer: Where to put the images will be looked at as part of one of the StoryBoards for this initiative.
o       Does the customer network share the same physical network with cluster?  Answer: Networks may be physically the same but a different logical network will be used for the cluster.
o       Will software update change?  Answer: Yes - we will be moving toward a k8s approach to update software/containers.
o       Can you provide some schedule info? Answer:  Target is for the March release.  Specs are expected to be out in the next 1-2 weeks.
o       If community folks are interested in participating please contact Brent or Frank.
o       In future, to containerize the flock will the decoupling of the flock need to be completed?  Answer: No - there is no direct dependency on the decoupling work.


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Setting up this call to give the community an overview of the StarlingX infrastructure containerization initiative.
Hope you can join.



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