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Lara, Cesar cesar.lara at intel.com
Tue Oct 2 20:15:52 UTC 2018

10/1/2018 Build team  Meeting Minutes

Saul, Brent, Ken, Bruce, Erich, Memo, Chuy, Mario, Marcela, Hayde, Abraham, Cesar


  - Build issues
      Findings and next steps
      Mock cleanup proposal
      General discussion
  - Preproposals for hosting with cengn
  - Brainstorming  for next release
  - Re-scoping of stxb tool
 - Opens


Build issues

-       "Too many loops" Issue root caused, Ceph autotools identified, two solutions proposed, at the time of this meeting only one solution was tested.

-       One of the workarounds on both windriver and intel environments was to re-launch builds

-       Need still to test both patches and merge one on those
Hosting with cengn

-       Brent camewith a proposal presentation for what and how a re we going to host on cengn premises

-       The idea is to replicate most of CentOS repos and built RPMs for people to ocnsume

-       We will aso host build artifacts and a finished ISO

-       The whole build process will have to happen on cengn premises

-       We need to mae our build tools availabe to them so they can replicate a mirror

-       We need to start separating the OS and host that as an artifact plus the packages that we ship with modifications
STXB tool

-       We need to revisit use cases to start re-aquitechting the tools

-       Cesar to post first two relevant use cases to ML for dicussion

-       We want to start analysis focused onthese two use caess

o   New to StarlingX

o   Developer/contributor

-       Release branch not completed yet -  we need to start a testing cycle and there are still a few reviews to be merged - Saul to post a link on things that havent been merged to the IRC so we can get those going

-       No build created against release branch yet, so we need to get that out the door so we can start our validation cycle - Erich to create a job that will use that branch


Cesar Lara
Software Engineering Manager
OpenSource Technology Center

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