[Starlingx-discuss] Updated: StarlingX Brochure for Berlin - New Draft for Comments

Doenecke, Scott W scott.w.doenecke at intel.com
Tue Oct 2 21:29:34 UTC 2018

Since we worked through the one-pager together, I took the wording at the time and put it where I thought it made the most sense on the brochure.  So the text completely changed from the last version.

Here is the updated brochure with the consolidated feedback I’d gotten.  Claire, if you don’t mind, we may want to review it in one of our meetings during October and I’ll tackle one more refresh before the end of the month so we can print for Berlin.

Cheers, Scott

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Subject: StarlingX Brochure for Berlin - Draft for comments

Hello Claire et al,
I’ve got a first cut at a possible StarlingX brochure for Berlin.  Would you please take a look at it and see what you’d like to edit.
Cheers, Scott
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