[Starlingx-discuss] New mailing list for help?

Cabrales, Ada ada.cabrales at intel.com
Tue Oct 9 15:48:32 UTC 2018

I didn't know about the consolidation. 
That's fine. We'll keep posting questions here. And reinforce the use of tags.


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> >    We've exchanging and asking information on this list about how StarlingX
> works on the administration side. Should we create a different mailing list
> (like starlingx-help) for all these questions?
> I'd suggest no... OpenStack is getting ready to consolidate most of thier lists
> back into a single list (-dev, -operators, -sigs?) leaving only -announce
> separate.  A big part of the motivation to do that is to keep visibility better for
> the various groups involved, ie segregating operators and developers turned
> out to cause a lot of cross-posting to both lists to cover both audiences.
> Getting people into the habit of tagging messages with topics goes a long way
> to being able to pick out messages you either specifically want to see or want
> to ignore.
> Plus, the volume of our -discuss list is still very low.
> dt
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