[Starlingx-discuss] dnsmasq patch for DHCP6 config

Scott Little scott.little at windriver.com
Tue Oct 9 20:20:07 UTC 2018

dnsmasq: allow updates to hostname in ipv6 leases

     When a new lease is acquired by a new node this triggers an IP address
     allocation but no hostname is associated with the lease.  A new 
lease update is
     sent to sysinv and then a some later time sysinv will persist that 
record in to
     the dnsmasq.host file.  When the dnsmasq.host file is updated 
dnsmasq is sent
     the HUP signal to get it to re-read its config file.  At that time 
     attempts to look at the dnsmasq.conf file to find host records that 
may have
     additional information that could be used to update existing 
leases.  That is,
     if it finds a lease that is missing a hostname it will update it 
based on the
     dnsmasq.hosts record.

     This mechanism works fine for IPv4 but it is not supported for 
IPv6. This
     update adds the necessary support to dnsmasq to allow the 
     mechanism to work with IPv6.

     This change in dnsmasq has also inadvertantly fixed an issue with 
an IPv6 DHCP
     host record hostname being used to update an IPv4 lease.  This was 
     hostname lookups to return both an IPOv4 (pxe) and IPv6 (mgmt) 
address for the
     same node.

On 18-10-05 07:22 PM, Saul Wold wrote:
> Scott, Brent:
> You have a patch against dnsmasq that adds some code for handling IPv6 
> addrs in lease_update_from_configs().
> Can you provide any more background, was this reported upstream? What 
> exactly is this fixing?
> stx-integ/base/dnsmasq/centos/patches/dnsmasq-update-ipv6-leases-from-config.patch 
> Thanks
>    Sau!

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