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Lara, Cesar cesar.lara at intel.com
Thu Oct 11 16:50:39 UTC 2018

Saul, Scott, Jason, Ken, Erich, Memo, Chuy, Mario, Marcela, Hayde, Abraham, Cesar

-       Cengn hosting status - ken
Exploration phase to make sure what we are going to offer initially on Cengn, we are prioritizing the availability for the mirror, and getting prepared to start utilizing that mirror instead of local based mirrors.
The team is focusing over the planning of the new build structure that was proposed in which we split the OS from the flock components.
Cengn is potentially having a bare metal server for hosting ready by the end of this week and coordinate with StarlingX build team to start populating this server with a mirror, Scott acting as the interface between StarlingX and Cengn.
We might need to propose a separate spec for build infrastructure and get feedback from the community.

AR - We need to analyze the signing of the modified RPMs being distributed in the Cengn mirror, for unmodified packages we will use CentOS signatures.

- test cycle for next release
Do we have open issues on the build system right now? No

- stxb tool spec

Should we move forward with stxb tool? Yes, we should provide the community with an easy to use tool to build isos for developers and contributors assuming the end users will download finished isos from Cengn mirror

We need to build a spec around this tool and the use cases that it will address, based on this feedback we will architect a robust solution for this tool.

The team took a few ARs from this discussion

AR - take a look on the doc sent to ML and review test cases there to make sure they all still make sense
AR - Send potential use cases to ML for discussion to be included in the architecture, sent those by Monday EOD
Use cases will be written in an statement fashion and not in a question form.

Case 3A and 3B from the document should be down to - detect if there any changes in the artifacts or packages in the mirror and act accordingly

- opens
Intel team is working on enabling StarlingX on Clear Linux and as part of this effort we are using Koji as a build system, we found some commonalities that led us to believe we could use is as part of our build system. Once we get past the discovery phase we will put together a POC to evaluate this. May need to consider this as part of the multi OS effort to generate RPMs and Deb packages for consumption.


Cesar Lara
Software Engineering Manager
OpenSource Technology Center

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