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Build team meeting 10/17/2018
Jason, Scott, Saul, Abraham , Memo, Hayde, Marcela, Mario, Chuy, Felipe, Erich, Cesar

-       Cengn status for external mirror
-       Use cases review/discussion
-       Opens

Cengn Status - Waiting for access to bare metal server, once we have access we will start populating the mirror.

Use case review/discussion - We will start with mail sent to ML by Jason[1], this will address most use cases coming from WR developers that have been working on StarlingX the most, Mexico team will meet to find a way to implement these use cases in code to feed the Stxb tool, this proposed mapping will be presented in a follow up session. The intention is to start coding necessary pieces in python, but since there is a concern about too many moving pieces in the build scripts , a full analysis is required to avoid losing functionality, that might lead to keep some of the bash scripting as part of the build tools.

- New steps required for build process to generate new kubernetes files and configuration, We will keep an eye on this requirement as is not crystal clear today, but we will need to add this in the near future.
- Mexico team refactoring download script on python - probably the best one to start with, we might have a couple of efficiencies on this effort.
-As part of multiOS effort we are setting up a Koji instance to work with Clear Linux - there are a complete set of extra instructions to make Koji work as a provider for rpms and ISO files, this will require further discussion, next week we will have Victor Rodriguez which is building up Koji for Clear Linux to give us a walk thru of the system and necessary steps to build the OS.

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/Build#Use_Cases_for_Stxb


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