[Starlingx-discuss] [build][meetings] Meeting minutes 10/25/2018

Lara, Cesar cesar.lara at intel.com
Thu Oct 25 20:49:21 UTC 2018

Build team meeting 10/25/2018
Ken, Scott, Jason, Saul, Humberto, Mario, Chuy(Jesus), Victor, Cesar

- Cengn mirror status - Ken
- Cengn hosting spec discussion - Erich
- Koji walkthrough - Victor R
- Koji Docker file - Chuy

Deferred for next week
- Plans for next release
- opens

- Cengn mirror status
Server is alive and available for access, mirror is being updated starting with 3rd party content.
Hosted mirror will also have HTTP access available.
Team is working on a few details on the implementation of this new mirror, the plan is to have it fully functional by November 5th 2018, just before the OpenStack summit.
Cengn mirror should be the authoritative place for content download.
Update of packages in Cengn mirror stills WIP
ISOs and other artifacts are going to be out of scope for this mirror and November 5th plan.

- Cengn hosting spec discussion
All comments were addressed and spec is now +1 and approved, we as a team are all for working through specs for new build requirements in the future.

- Presentation & Demo for Koji
AR - Cesar to post slides and Chuy to post link to his repo for Koji setup to ML


Cesar Lara
Software Engineering Manager
OpenSource Technology Center

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