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Shuquan Huang huang.shuquan at 99cloud.net
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Hello all,


It’s my honor to join StarlingX TSC. I’m very excited and looking forward to working with you guys on StarlingX. ☺


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TSC member update - two new members, one is pending submission of a candidate name
Welcome Curtis Collicutt and Shuquan Huang!
Final governance approval and election schedule to be determined/approved by the TSC once it reaches 7 members
Review any pending stx-gov reviews
Please review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/611185/  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/610446/
Enforcing core mappings to subprojects/repos (Brent)
RIght now if you are a Core for one project you are a Core for everything.  Gerrit groups are being used.  Brent to publish the mapping and the team can work with Ildiko to limit Cores to the projects they are Cores for.
Revist spec approval process (Brent)
o    We have reviewed a couple of specs now and some have gotten to the +2 step, then someone came along later with a -1 because they had a question.  Not all -1's are equal.  What are the community norms for reviewing specs?   Sometimes people may feel like their questions are important and might be ignored without a -1.  But we don't want to block forward progress on specs.  -1 votes are cleared for new patch sets but not for -2s which must be manually approved.  

o    We would like the community to use -1 on specs for important issues with specs.  Or important questions.  It's a judgment call.  This also applies to code reviews.
Review and update Project Priorities: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-2019.03-priorities
We want to finish this quickly - March is coming!  
Bruce to turn the etherpad into a more structured document that can be used to describe the work in more detail, show which projects are effected, etc...
Review any pending stx-specs reviews
Please help review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/611725/
Retirement of more staging trees, general discussion about strategy and plans
Review submission process (Brent) 
We had a review self-approved that went into the release yesterday that went in the day before the cut-off.  Ghada to follow up.
IA Features sub-project - Bruce
o    https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/IA_Features

o    We will be upstream first for new features e.g. Nova.  

o    We should discuss this as part of an overall Test strategy

o    Making this a sub-project is probably not the right approach.  Intel may be very interested but what if we had an ARM vendor feature list?  Vendors will assign resources to things that they think are important.  

o    Bruce to track on the wiki but not as a sub-project.
Presentation at the joint leadership meeting in Berlin (Nov 12)
Brent to cover, other project members are welcome to attend

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