[Starlingx-discuss] How to slove "Interface not found: host compute-0 if eth1000." this problem

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Use the "system host-if-list compute-0" command to determine the list of known interfaces and then use the name listed there to issue commands requiring an interface name.


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My question:
when I run following command:

[wrsroot at controller-0 ~(keystone_admin)]$  system host-if-modify -p providernet-a -c data compute-0 eth1000

The console printf following info:

Interface not found: host compute-0 if eth1000.

My current environment:
In compute-0:
compute-0:~$ ifconfig

In controller-0:
controller-0:~$ ifconfig


By the way, I have tested that compute-0 and controller-0 can communicate with each other.

I unlock the compute-0 nodes because of this problem.
Please give me some tips or help

Thanks again,

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