[Starlingx-discuss] Purpose of wrs-remote-clients package?

Cordoba Malibran, Erich erich.cordoba.malibran at intel.com
Mon Oct 29 20:04:37 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I was checking the specfile of wrs-remote-clients package[0] and I
can't understand what's the purpose of this package and when is used.

It doesn't seems to be installed in the final ISO and according to it's
content it looks like a devel package. Also, it has a curious structure
because the rpm only installs a compressed file (.tgz) that contains a
set of installer scripts and other .tgz files that were grabbed from
another rpms.

I hope someone can help me to understand the purpose of remote-clients. 

Thanks in advance.


[0] http://git.starlingx.io/cgit/stx-clients/tree/remote-clients/centos/remote-clients.spec

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