[Starlingx-discuss] compute node: lvg without pv ?

Dinescu, Stefan Stefan.Dinescu at windriver.com
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You have to have a PV for the nova-local LVG, but if you use remote backing, the size of that PV can be really small as it is not used.

If your raid1 config has enough free space, you can create partition on your root disk and assign that partition to the LVG using the partition UUID instead of the disk UUID.

Then change the nova local backing to remote and you should be fine.
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i have been working on the installation of a starlingX openstack cluster for a few days. now i'm almost at the end of the installation guide and fail due to the connection between nova and ceph :(
since my compute nodes only have one HDD (hardware raid1 with 2x SSD) i can't add another HDD (pv) to the lvg. is there a way to work directly on the ceph storage without having to go through a local hard drive?
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