[Starlingx-discuss] Duplex: CEPH HEALTH_WARN after initial unlock of controller-0

Marcel Schaible marcel at schaible-consulting.de
Thu May 2 13:20:34 UTC 2019


after unlocking controller-0 in a Duplex configuration ceph shows an HEALTH_WARN:

[wrsroot at controller-0 ~(keystone_admin)]$ ceph -s
    cluster b6a2009b-7857-4bb6-835a-479b6ececb63
     health HEALTH_WARN
            448 pgs degraded
            448 pgs stuck unclean
            448 pgs undersized
            recovery 1116/2232 objects degraded (50.000%)
     monmap e1: 1 mons at {controller=}
            election epoch 5, quorum 0 controller
     osdmap e22: 2 osds: 1 up, 1 in
            flags sortbitwise,require_jewel_osds
      pgmap v1976: 448 pgs, 7 pools, 1588 bytes data, 1116 objects
            91396 kB used, 952 GB / 952 GB avail
            1116/2232 objects degraded (50.000%)
                 448 active+undersized+degraded

Is this expected and when should the health status switch to HEALTH_OK?

We use the image from 20190429.



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