[Starlingx-discuss] [ Test ] Meeting minutes - 05/07/2019

Cabrales, Ada ada.cabrales at intel.com
Tue May 7 22:33:33 UTC 2019

Agenda for 05/07
Attendees: JC, Elio, Fernando, Maria P, Jose, Numan, Cristopher, Richo
1. Feature testing status:
       OVS-dpdk update: done, results sent. Problems found are related to Nova. Recommendation was to merge the dpdk updates.
       OVS firewall: Test plan sent for revision, working on two test cases based on feedback. Should be done today. Working on definition for configurations. Duplex and standard proposed. 
             Numan: are we considering Calico into this? Calico is the way of configuring the firewall.
             Elio to work on this. 
             Elio to send start date today (offline).
       Containerized OVS: 
              Patches merged. Testing on simplex and duplex WIP on virtual.
              Test plan into the google drive.
              No response from the networking team yet. A reminder sent last week.
        OVS pmon: 
                test plan sent yesterday.  Some feedback received. 
       Ceph update:
               Ceph updates merged to master. Started post-merge validaton yesterday. 
               Docker images were missing in our registry, that's fixed now. 
               Fer to send location of test plan. 26 test cases into it. 3 weeks of testing expected.
               Maria Y has also done testing on this, and she opened several launchpads, Fernando to sync on this information.
              No major progress due to instability. Also, no hardware available for bare metal testing. Testing on virtual only.  
              ~15 test cases developed. Tested on an old ISO. 19GB of RAM on computes required for virtual env. Looks like 16GB in controllers will be needed.
              There's a launchpad (critical) open for this new RAM requirements. Assigned to China team. 
              Numan will confirm the recommended amount of RAM: 20GB min recommended. 24 is preferred. 
              Numan's team testing has started. High and medium priority WIP - 16 / 25 done. No new issues found (only the already ones identified).
              Numan to update the spreadsheet for feature testing.
       Ansible bootstrap:
              Converting simplex labs. Numan to check if that's done. 
              Jose testing using proxy. A patch received and that worked fine. 
              Cristopher working on testing local registry. Another patch was sent for this. 
              This is working on simplex only. Testing is manual. Once the code is merge, we will proceed with updates to the suite.
       OpenStack Patch elimination:
               JC: 2/9 features are tested. No issues found. Working on defining steps for the rest. Using openstack commands only.
               Numan: Openstack client containerization is tested.  Please update the feature testing spreadsheet.
       QAT upversion:
               Test plan sent - one week of testing expected. Waiting for feedback. Help required on test steps. 
               Hardware ready. Richo to check if the ISO is ready so we can begin with testing.
2. Test automation status
      149 new tests. 11 fixed. 22 new developed for sanity. 182 as a total.
       The unstable build is causing delays. Ada and Elio to define an action plan for the increase on the RAM required for virtual environments.
       Elio to calculate how off are we regarding the goal.

3. Opens
   Elio - Test cases for networking to be included into sanity. These will go into the basic sanity. Working with JP for integrating them into the daily tests. Notify Maria when these are done, so she can update the wiki.
   JC - What is the purpose to have two sanities? Are those going to be tested daily?
         Ada - basic sanity is to ensure the ISO is deployable and instances can be created.
                Second level of sanity is intended to go deeper. 

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